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Mel Corin’s contemporary and abstract acrylic art is inspired each day by the natural light and environment in which he lives.

Works on Perspex, Canvas, Paper, or Gyclee reproduction and commissions of all types undertaken.

Mel Corin born in New York [1949] spent all of his formative years living and working in England before moving to Israel in May 2008.

After leaving school Mel worked in Advertising, before moving into the textile field where he spent much of his time sourcing and designing prints for the children and womenswear market.

Once more looking for a new goal, Mel entered into the UK residential property sector using his skill and knowledge to successfully create and sell ’showflats’ on the projects of which he was working.

His greatest challenge was when he and his wife Nikki decided to move away from England, where he created a state-of-the-art home in the heart of Israel over a 2 year period, for themselves and their family.

A keen and prolific sportsman, Mel chose not to just while away his days, and he embarked on his hidden passion of painting, primarily contemporary abstract art, using Acrylic as his medium.

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