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Contract for 150 pieces Maypole Hotel group UK 2010

  • Hod Vehadarr Kfar Saba exhibition Aug -Oct 2010

  • Hod Vehadar Kfar Saba exhibition Jan 2011

  • Marrache Gallery Jerusalem March – May 2011

  • Leket Four day Charity event May 2011 – 20 pieces sold

  • Irit Hadani Gallery Sea and Sun Tel Aviv June – Aug 2010 6 week exhibit

  • Presentense Emek Refaim Jerusalem Exhibition January- March 2012

  • Shalva Two day charity event August 2012 Raanana

  • Laniado dinner charity event October 2012 Carmel Hotel Netanya

  • Jaffa Institute dinner, 900 guests Jan 2013 Tel Aviv PAINTED LIVE 4 pieces. All pieces sold by silent auction

  • Shalva Gala Dinner May 2013 ‘The Avenue’ Tel Aviv …Commissioned to produce 72 works of 80 x 80 cm perspex pieces.

  • All pieces to be sold off to patrons / friends of Shalva…. 27 SOLD ON THE NIGHT

  • Casa Shalom Institute of Marranos and Anusim studies Art Event May 30 2013 Raanana

  • One Family Israel ‘LONGING FOR A HUG’ Exhibition , Tachanah Tel Aviv 30th August 2013 / 30th September 2013

  • Specially commissioned piece ‘SHADOWLANDS’ in memory of the family of Shlomo Dichstein.

  • Honoured to be amongst 34 other well known Israeli and international artists

  • to view or read about the exhibition

  • SHALVA Inaugural Dinner TORONTO October 22nd 2013 Exhibiting 25 pieces, 14 SOLD

  • SHALVA London Inaugrual Dinner London March 2014 36 pieces sold

Included in the following Private Home collections INCLUDE

  • London Mr and Mrs Stuart Roden 3 canvas pieces 2010

  • Herzylia Mr and Mrs Neil Davis Eight pieces perspex designs 2011

  • Netanya Mr and Mrs Simon Bentley Seven pieces canvas designs and One perspex 2010

  • New York Mr and Mrs Mark Raphaely Triptich on canvas 2010

  • London Mr and Mrs Michael Zwick Five pieces on canvas 2010

  • Netanya Mr and Mrs Benny Last One 2 metre Diptich 2010

  • Bazra Israel Mr Paul Assenheim ‘cusine’ Four pieces perspex designs 2011

  • London Mr and Mrs Simon Leigh Three pieces perspex designs 2012

  • Spain Mr Philip and Ruth Hanbury Two perspex pieces Jan 2013

  • Israel Mr Chaim and Mrs Irit Taib Six perspex pieces May 2013

  • Israel Avi and Shani Chever Two perspex pieces May 2013

  • Israel Avi Ben Chamu Two perspex pieces May 2013

  • London Mr and Mrs Max Bayer One Piece Perspex October 2013

  • London Ranger Services One Piece Perspex August 2013

  • London Mr and Mrs Harvey Rose One Piece Perspex


  • Three ‘Bike Ride’ pieces for The Alyn Hospital

  • One canvas for Ilan /Ben Uri gallery UK

  • One Perspex ‘Tree of Life’ for Leket Dinner Israel

  • One perspex piece ‘City Calypso’ Morasha school London

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